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The Williams Family

Last November Jackson began to experience several episodes of intestinal prolapse; this led him to have a corrective surgery at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio on January 3rd, 2017.

Shortly after that Jackson began to display signs of a far worse condition known as Toxic Mega Colon.  Because of this, on January 15th after being transferred back to Columbus, Jackson underwent emergency surgery to have his entire large intestine removed.  Due to the severe state of the colon at the time of surgery Jackson experienced numerous post-surgery complications including infections in both his incision and abdominal cavity.  This extended his stay in the hospital to nearly 8 weeks, and resulted in several additional procedures.  Because of one of the infections Jackson also developed a blockage in his right kidney.  Over the next six months Jackson and family will travel to Columbus for additional procedures, and another corrective surgery to repair the kidney.  This will result in another extended stay in Ohio.  With both medical and travel expenses the financial burden on the family is significant.

We are proud to present The 2017 East Utica Classic Golf Tournament proceeds of $7,000 to our recipients Jeremy and Alyssa Williams. The family and Jackson's fight has been courageous and epitomizes the heart and spirit of East Utica. All of us and everyone who participated and donated were able to make a small difference in this families fight but it's their inspirational journey that inspires all of us to make a difference every day. We cannot thank all of those who have donated and participated in this year's event.

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