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How do I become a volunteer?

Contact a member of the committee.


What time do I need to be at the golf course?

By 8:00am if you have nothing to set up, as the event begins at 9:30am and all holes will need to be set up and ready to go at tee off.

What is provided by the committee?

The committee will provide volunteers with T-shirts, food, beverages, and then garbage bags and ice for each hole. 


Do I need to bring anything?

You will need to bring your own table and chairs, as well as a tent for shade.  If you would like to listen to music, you may want to bring a device for your entertainment.


What does volunteering consist of?

There are a variety of “jobs” that will be assigned out, this can range from helping out with registration, working on one of the holes, serving food and beverages, or driving a golf cart to provide goods. You will be responsible for set up and cleanup of your assigned station. We will assist you in finding your station when you arrive.


What is required of me throughout the day?

Our volunteer coordinator will be able to ensure you have the items provided by the committee when you head to your station in the morning. Any needs that come up throughout the day may require you to retrieve additional goods on your own.  Each volunteer will have a job and although for the most part (90%) this is fun there is some work that goes in to volunteering.


We ask that you please show up timely and ready to assist wherever we may need you. There is a lot going on the morning of the event and we allocate resources to ensure all volunteers are positioned correctly. Once the event is underway our resources become limited which may impact our ability to appropriately guide you to your assignment.


We appreciate the amount of support we get every year and could not do this without our Golfers, Sponsors or Volunteers.

You can contact any of the Committee Members below for more information!

Joey Cracchiolo  (315) 601-4652

Rocco Cornacchia  (315) 941-1129

Anthony Faccioli  (315) 404-8534

John Goff  (315) 525-7136

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